Burger King Corporate Office Address & Headquarters,Contact Number,Email

Burger King Corporate Office & Headquarters Contact Number

Hello, I know You got up from your bed and wants breakfast. This post shows you Burger King Headquarters, Burger King Corporate Office Phone Number & Email List. You will also get Burger King Menu Prices.Burger King Breakfast Menu Prices & Times also important for the people who are doing the job and wanna reach at a time.That’s very nice habit guys.

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Burger King is the famous hamburger fast food restaurant.It’s Headquarters located in the Miami, Florida, United States.It was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953 by the Insta-Burger King: Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns &Burger King: David Edgerton and James McLamore.

There are 15000+ locations of burger king are active in 2015 but today it got increased. It’s a yummy brand if you taste it.

They have also started the Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.mybkexperience.com .They Want to know the feedback from their customers.

Burger King Products

·         Hamburgers

·         chicken

·         french fries

·         soft drinks

·         milkshakes

·         salads

·         desserts

·         breakfast

·         hot dogs

Burger King Headquarters Address

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States

Burger King Corporate Office Phone Number & Email Address

Burger King Customer Service

Burger King Hours of Operation Saturday & Sunday

You can check out Burger king operating hours and its regular schedule. You must need to read this table if you are burger lover.

Burger king Open From Monday To Saturday from 6:00 Am to 12:00 PM.

Burger King Hours Sunday : 07:00 AM  to 12:00 AM

Is Burger King Open On Sunday?

Yes, It should be open on this day.

Monday06:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday06:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday06:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday06:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday06:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Saturday06:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday07:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Burger King Holiday Hours Sunday

Is Burger King open On?

Black FridayMardi Gras
Christmas EveMemorial Day
Cinco de MayoMother’s Day
Columbus DayNew Year’s Day
Easter MondayPresident’s Day
Father’s DaySt. Patrick’s Day
Good FridayTax Day
HalloweenValentines Day
Labor DayVeteran’s Day
Christmas DayThanksgiving Day
Easter Sunday

Yes, it should be open.

Burger King Holiday Hours Closed

This is the list of the days on which it should be closed.

Is Burger King Open On?

Black FridayMardi Gras
Christmas EveMemorial Day
Cinco de MayoMother’s Day
Columbus DayNew Year’s Day
Easter MondayPresident’s Day
Father’s DaySt. Patrick’s Day
Good FridayTax Day
HalloweenValentines Day
Labor DayVeteran’s Day
Christmas DayThanksgiving Day
Easter Sunday

No, It Should be closed.

Burger King Location Near Me

If you want to find the nearest location from your home you can use the following map to find the burger king location near me now.

If you like this post about Burger King Headquarters, Corporate Office Phone number, and location near me is helpful then, must share your valuable suggestion to us.


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  2. I am a former employee from January 2017 to May 2018. I can not file my taxes this year because I recently moved and never received my W2 from Burger KIng.

  3. It is February 8 and I still have not received my w2. Kindly resend this to me. I know January 31 is the date that all w2s need to be postmarked.
    Thank you
    Donna Di Landro

  4. Your location, which is the only one near our family anymore, is the worst. Your manager straight up lied to my face about who took the order. And then was sticking her fingers in the food as she pulled the items out of the bag to see what was wrong.
    Every time we get our food to go from that location in the evenings something is always wrong. I guess because we are a minority compared to the workers at that location they don’t care.
    When I asked for refund I was told that the card the order was placed with was needed, that I couldn’t get it put on a gift card because they don’t do gift cards. So I told them I would be back and before I even walked out the door I could hear the employees laughing at me.
    If I ever talked to a customer or laughed at them like that I would be fired immediately or severely reprimanded. Those employees were not.
    I will never ever go to Burger King again. The only Burger King that I cared for closed down. At least that manager cared about customer service and getting your order right. Apparently he works at the Burger King that I went to but appears he only works during the day.
    I am writing a letter your corporate office and will include a copy of the receipt.

  5. Hi my name is merria baker i worked at the coos bay location for a couple months last year i ended up moving and wasn’t able to get my W2 do to me moving if you could email them to.me please i would appreciate it so much

    I got the 2 whoppers for $6 my first one was great but the second one started off great until I took a bite to eat and what I thought was tomato skin was not, honestly I don’t know what it was but you can tell me what products you’ve got that can resemble tomato skin.

  7. I have to say that the Health Department seriously needs to pay a visit to the Burger King located on 748-752 Bergen Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306. That place is nasty and disturbing! NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING IS SANITIZE! The place is filthy especially where they prepare the food. The STATE needs to run up in this place and hire people who are clean and can run that place good and properly yet follow all procedure codes. This place is a disgrace!

  8. Ai yai yai. No ink in wells at BK. Corporate needs to provide ‘INK’ so that customer receipts are legible. Great Double Cheeseburgers but couldn’t fill out a survey with a great review because receipt was illegible. Your websites in NY don’t accept contact information so I’m posting it. Fix situation, please. aRRIBA, aRRIBA! aNDAL!! aNDALE!!!

  9. The above message about BKs”INK’ was posted at 0835hr,Eastern US Time, not 1:35 PM. Where is your Corporate located, anyhows?

  10. I went to your Burger King in Louisiana when, I was there and couldn’t believe what was going on.
    One Employee had Weed and was drunk as hell and the Store Head Store Manager and y’all approve of this behavior.

  11. Will never visit burger king franchise. Ordered over thirty dollars of food and they would not accept a fifty dollar bill. Had to leave without food for my family.

  12. Every time I get a chicken sandwich and a whopper sandwich the chicken is so hard that I can not eat it from the burger king in Franklin Indiana 46131

  13. Hello I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Chad Marion from Cedar Rapids Iowa. I been having a bowling fundraiser for the past 3 years and this year, I will be donating the money raised to Honor Flight and Foundation 2. What I am looking for auction items, door prizes, or bowling lane sponsorship ($100.00 per lane). Thank you for your time.

  14. My wife had a a doctor’s appointment in Birmingham, AL. When we walked into the restaurant l along with the other customers could not believe how nasty.slow,just how sticky everything was

    1. The place was on oxmore Rd. People were waiting on there food for 15 min. Plus while the 3 or 4 girls behind the counter walked around like it was nothing. Sticky counters no ketchup cups.the cups .Just NASTST

  15. i had a very bad experience today one of the employee at Burger King has no respect no greeting even I said thank u she didn’t reply left my try ready full of food and went to help the other customer whom just walked in I asked the employee next to her to give me my try and complied a bout that she strartied to cover up for her lol telling me that the food wasn’t ready then I took the tray start looking for a table more than half were dirty finally after we eat I Went to get I refill for my son the counter was dirty and messy I took pic a Strang women started to talk in an angry voice that I took a pic of her minor daughter I said to her who are u to talk to me like that who’s your daughter I found out that her daughter is the employee that I made a complian a bout lol another employee came next to me and the manger on of them she asked me to open my phone loooooool even though it’s aginst the law to be asked that but I wanted to prove them wrong so I showed her the pic of their messy dirty counter And I gave them an advice that lili the employee I compliant a bout she’s putting her hair down and she’s behind the counter lol she can’t do that your place will be closed down after that I left and what a supprise the mom and the employee waiting on me in their car the smarty mom was taking pic for my car I was there with my minor son so I drove to her and said u can’t do that she replied well I’m doing it for my doughter loool then I said to myself why I’m I srounded by stupid ppl today I said ok then I’ll take a pic for your car as well for my safety then she jumped in front and blocked my driving way and took another pic loool I hancked the Horne another employee came from inside she said go go now leave looooool I felt like it’s the most wonderful time of the year looool by the way the place is in CA on orangethroop and Walker
    City of La Palma enjoy your Burger King guys

  16. Today I had the worst experience at #BurgerKing #mybkexperience store # 12003 located at 2229 Bessemer Rd. Birmingham, Al. 35208.

    I went to order the coupon special (8802 I believe) consisting of two croissants, hash browns, and coffee. I was informed at the intercom that the water wasn’t/hadn’t been working since opening that morning due to a leak, which means they had to cut the water off. I was told because of this I couldn’t get coffee or a drink as a beverage. I was told the only thing I could get was orange juice and I would have to pay a $0.49 upcharge for it. So I said your not able to provide the entire content that is advertise for this meal beginning coffee and your not willing to substitute my coffee for an orange juice. The lady said I don’t know, I replied thats what the meal comes with so what are you all going to substitute my coffee for. Still no answer, until she said drive to the 1st window. I did I ask the young man what’s going on is my coffee going to be substituted for the orange juice? He replied they charge a premium for orange juice if the individual desire it, but considering there’s no water to make coffee I believe your going to get it for free. I gave him my debt card he ran it for the $4.40. I got to the the second window the manager (Johnny) came you will have to pay $.49 for the orange juice. I said I have to pay to get the only beverage you all have for my meal when the one I want and actually comes with the meal u can’t provide. No sir, I will not. He cowardly looked away from me and said nothing. Then he said they are working on the water now so it will be available shortly. I respond sir I am a professional I’m in route to work I don’t have the leisure to wait until your establishment fixes it’s issues (and how dare he insinuate I could wait for that). I said you can refund me my money because I’m not taking a loss not getting a beverage when the coupon says I get one and I’m not paying extra for something I didn’t truly want. He went into the register and refunded me 4.40 in cash not even asking if I wanted it place back on my card. His pride lost a sell of $4.40 to save $.49…… imagine how many people did the same because of his unprofessional customer service and awful practices of leadership and supervision.

    #BurgerKing for an organization to hold the motto “Have it your way” store # 12003 has failed miserably. Your management (Johnny) is unprofessional, rude, and disrespectful. It’s one issue that the individuals who work there are dress sloppy, but to have nasty attitudes to match is unacceptable. Question: If the location had no water how were they open. Isn’t it part of your health inspection to have running water and access to hot water for cleaning and meal preparation? How are ya’ll cleaning up, cleaning utensils & grill, or washing your hands? I suggest you educate the management at this establishment on customer service, organizational behavior, branding, and marketing so this won’t happen again. I USE to go to Burger King a few times a week for breakfast at this location despite the long wait; however, I will no longer be spending my money at a business whom don’t value customer service, honor their advertisements, or substitute as needed to make the customer happy when they have done something wrong!!!

    Because of the representatives at that location I took my refund right next door to McDonald’s your competitor and allowed them to put a smile on my face as the say “I’m Loving it”!!!

    Miserable fail #BurgerKing loss your slogan obviously store 12003 doesn’t understand it and fails to epitomize it.


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