Family Dollar Corporate Office And Headquarters Details With Phone Number

Family Dollar Corporate Office

Family Dollar Corporate Office Address & Headquarters

Hello guys, In this post, I am going to show you Family Dollar Store Corporate Office And Headquarters Details with a Phone number and near me locations.

McDonalds Corporate Office: Click Here

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Family Dollar Stores Near Me

Family Dollar Customer Care Service Number

+1 866-377-6420

Phone Number: (704) 847-6961
Fax Number: (704) 847-5534

Official Website

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9 thoughts on “Family Dollar Corporate Office And Headquarters Details With Phone Number

  1. I bought a massage chair. The vibration was so strong my blood pressure went up. Tried to get my money back or exchange. She said why couldn’t not help me. I was out 28 bucks I want it back.

  2. Hello
    My name is Carl Gaines I’m a customer today is fed 2/2018
    I came into one of family Dollar store at 4100 South plaza Dr in Memphis TN store number 00759 as i was walking into the store this young girl the cash register she was talking loud to another worker asking him how you can you tell a man want her as i Walk end i was tipping to buy a plone card there so I wanted to ask her a question about the plone card and i look up to ask her a question she told me don’t be getting in her business or trying to be nosey but all i wanted to find out about the plone card she was very rude too me I’m old enough to be her Grand Daddy.even if I was young she was wrong.any Time a person work at a cash register she going to be look at for information. I think she wanted to give me a hard time or it just she saw something about me she didn’t like.the name on my receipt sequence The number 570401 this person don’t need to be at The cash register acting like that.she there to do her Job in serve the people’s in she have no business talking loud in holding a conversation like that yes i got offended in up set

  3. Yesterday I was in the family Dollar the store was not so busy that’s why I was shocked to see the lady eating from her bowl of food that she had apparently she brought from home.1) first wrong thing she was eating at the register while partially attending to customers. 2)When she had to reach to take cash transaction she put the food item in the cooler where public beverages are kept. When a customer said it was unsanitary and wanted to speak with manager she replied that she was the manager.3)when asked for the corporate office number she gave it freely but stated go ahead nothing gonna happen you think you been our first complaint.So I want to have someone contact me because this is unacceptable and I would like to see it addressed. I have picture proof of the behaviors your employees are presenting to the public

  4. My Name is Michelle,
    Tonight I bought clothing that didn’t ring up for the correct sale price. When I wanted to return them and buy a different Reg. priced baby onesis to get the correct Buy one get one sale, I was told that they could return the clothing items, but they did not have time to ring my stuff over to get the correct sale. They said I would have to come back to purchase another day, because they are a Business and have things to get done. I just returned the baby clothes and adult top. If you don’t have time to ring, then you don’t have time to get more money from me. I had already spent money on transactions right before this one, and also earlier this week. Tonight I waited for the Asst. manager to get back from break for him to then call his Store Manager to figure out how to enter a Store coupon for the 1st purchase. How are you a Manager and you dont know how to put in a store coupon discount? Leaving a cashier alone that doesn’t know how to enter a coupon discount either, or not authorized to do returns. I didnt complain after I waited and let 6 or so customers go ahead of me, but earlier I heard the Asst. Manager complaining to the cashier while I shopped about wasting time putting things back in the right place taking all night, and to another customer or associate that came in about being at work for 10 hrs. and not getting nothing done. I don’t know what he got done before I came in or while I shopped, but don’t blame me for taking up your time when I expect the sale that you have posted and to use Coupons that your store gives out from the register for Sat. Don’t be in Retail if your not a people person or don’t want Manager responsibilities. Disappointed.

  5. My Name is Michelle,
    Just left a complaint about a BOGO sale return and poor service. previous complaint says for 2/25 at 4am., but it’s actually 2/24/18 still and 10:19PM in WI. I know, different time zone.

  6. Hello I was in family dollar recently bought over 100 dollars of stuff, tried to use my coupon for 30 dollars off would not work.

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